Wednesday, December 17, 2014

VIBRATIONS Volume 2, December 2014

 to Earth Beat's 
 tropical location for adventure, healing
 and so much more...

Please take a moment to check out CB's updated website, as well as re-visit the VIBRATIONS Blog updates for upcoming events and trips for 2015, as well as comments and whatever else is asking to come through.

 CUBA - 

You may have heard the news today about sanctions being lifted between the U.S. and Cuba. We can now journey to Cuba to study the exciting and pulsating rhythms of this culturally rich country, while experiencing first hand the lifestyle of the congueros and rumberos.  Something I have had on the Earth Beat back burner for a decade. So let's do it - more information to follow as I create an adventure you will not want to miss, nor will you ever forget.


It's too late to plan a holiday trip to CR, but do not discount spring break, summer break, or any time you want to escape the world of tic toc. Check out the retreats page of the website for an idea of what is to come. And let me know what you want. Anything can be created if enough are interested. Whether a group, solo, couple; even a honeymoon, Costabeat offers sojourns which will stimulate your adventure gene. 

Earth Beat

Still offers bookings for private, school, or corporate events, classes, and whatever you may want to create through the rhythms of the drum.
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2015 is moving in

Whatever you did not finish, achieve, or create yet - 2015 is the year to do so. The Universal energies are prompting change and evolution and will not wait for you to decide. Don't miss the opportunities laid before you. It's not a time to be stopped by fear, hesitancy, or second guessing that which you already know and/or have been shown. We are here to offer our gifts and to evolve our consciousness to do so. The adventure is getting there. If you have a heartbeat, you are being asked to move out of the safety of your caves and to show yourSelf.  Join the movement. We have one life in this incarnation, and it moves all too quickly. 

 So my friends

Wishing us all a blessed, exciting, healthy and adventurous new year of manifesting that which is to our highest potential. No matter what it is you do - it's important you just do it, and with gratitude.

Happy New Year everyone - and a most blessed of Holy Days to you all -

Stay tuned....

One Love,